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Furry Friends at my Favourite Peg

by eyesreilly

Furry Friends at my Favourite Peg

Now Noel I like it,of that I am sure :lol:
As for my rat phobia,I think you've the cure. :idea:
A cat sounds the answer, and him I would take,
but you see theres a problem, and his name is Jake. :roll:

Jake is my dog and he doesnt like cats, :evil:
so i'm afraid for the moment i'm stuck with the rats. :roll:
Who haunt me and tease me,drive me to distraction,
but worst of all cut short my good fishing action. :cry:

Maybe i'll train Jake, bring him out with me,
who knows he might like it out there by the sea. :?:
But Greystones is busy ,theres plenty of dogs,
and what if old Jakey dropped one of his logs? :oops:
I dont mind a clean up,out there by the sea,
I'd clean up my own mess,but I wonder would he? :roll:

On second thoughts , i think i'll leave him at home,
he's happier there, stuck into a bone. 8)
Bicycle clips, they might be the answer,
might stop me behaving like some crazed disco dancer. :?
No more will I fear a rat on my leg,
When i'm set up at night ,at my favourite peg. :|

Now i'm off to a new mark, got a text on my phone,
to tell me that I wont be fishing alone! :lol:
The bass ban is in ,i just ran out of time,
and to catch one of them now it would be a crime. :twisted:
But maybe a smoothie,or even a pup,
if only i could have that kind of luck. :roll:
Who knows what we'll catch there,with some wind on the foam,
but for sure i'll be out there, and not stuck at home :wink:

Species '12 (22)
Species '13 (23)
Species '14 (24) 5 Beard Rockling, Shore Rockling, Codling,Whiting, Pollock, Coalfish, Pouting, Sea Scorpion, Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Smoothound, Bass, Silver Eel, Corkwing Wrasse,Ballan Wrasse, Blenny,Turbot, Tompot Blenny, Grey Gurnard, Tope, Plaice, Poor Cod, Thornback Ray,mackeral, 3 beard rockling
Species '15 (19) 5 Beard Rockling,3 Beard Rockling, Shore Rockling, Pollock, Coalfish, Whiting, Codling, Dab ,Pouting, Corkwing Wrasse, Short Spined Sea Scorpion, Conger Eel, Dogfish, Flounder, Plaice, Smoothound, Tompot Blenny,Tub Gurnard, Herring
Species '16 (10) Dogfish, Whiting, Codling, Pollock, Poor Cod, Shore Rockling, 5 Beard Rockling,Short Spined Sea Scorpion, Ballan Wrasse, Corkwing Wrasse

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For the rich, there is therapy. For the rest of us, there is FISHING! --
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