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Witch, Gyptocephalus cynoglossus

Irish Record Fish: not recognised
Boat Specimen: not recognised
Shore Specimen: not recognised
Photo Credit:

Rudolph Svenson

Introduction: The Witch is a rare flatfish that occassionally shows up off the Irish coast.  It could reach two feet (60 cms) in length and 5 lbs (2 kgs) but simply to catch this drab uniformly coloured fish (with rough scales like a Dab but lighter in colour and larger) is a remarkable feat.  Try an offshore deep mark, over mud. 

Boat tactics: Standard flatfish tackle including ragworm offered on a set of 1/0 or 2/0 hoooks in a pennel rig is the ideal option.  They do not grow to the same size as Plaice and tend to be caught offshore in deeper water over sand and mud. A watch lead stirring up the mud will help although we have no record of sequins, beads and flasher spoons being used... but then we have no record of the fish being caught anywhere!

Shore tactics: Unlikely, but some of the northern deep water muddy marks might throw up one.