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Lemon Sole, Microstomus kitt

Irish Record Fish: not recognised
Boat Specimen: not recognised
Shore Specimen: not recognised
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Introduction: The Lemon Sole is recognizable from the oval shaped body, and the paler colouration that marks it apart from the Dover or Black Sole.  It is very rare in Irish waters and does not appear on the specimen list but you just might encounter one off the south coast of Wexford etc., given it is caught in large numbers in the Bristol and English Channels. With global warming it is possible they will put in an appearance.

Boat tactics: Standard flatfish tackle including ragworm offered on a set of 1/0 or smaller hooks in a pennel rig is the ideal option.  Sole as a species have very small mouths relative to their size.  If you find you are getting bites but no takes, reduce the hook size and bait and see what happens... they may not be Dabs or Poor Cod after all!  These are relatively small flatfish and tend to be caught inshore over sand and mud banks. A watch lead and all the typical flatfish bells and whistles may help, but small hooks are the essential kit. 

Shore tactics: Best bet is a southern mark later in the summer or autumn...