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Bermuda Sea Chub, Kyphosus sectatrix

Irish Record Fish: not recognised
Caught: Galway Bay (2002)
Boat Specimen: not recognised
Shore Specimen: not recognised
Photo Credit:

Carlos Minguell

Introduction: Here is a brand new one, recently thought to be available for capture in the Eastern Atlantic only from Madiera further south towards the Cape Verde Islands!  Mostly it is juvenile versions of the Bermuda Sea Chub that are caught, typically near or in sargassum weed brought towards Europe by the Gulf Stream.  In July 2002, two Bermuda Sea Chub were caught by a German marine biologists two miles off Spiddal in Galway.  

Boat tactics: By all accounts he was deliberately fishing around the sea-weed seeking out new species, so we can presume from the information we have on the fish, that a float fished bait was essential... most probably fish strip or small crab bait was used, as this would be its general diet. These are not big creatures, rarely exceeding 5 kilos (12 lbs) in their home environment, and therefore smaller by a long way when caught here, so small hooks around or below the 2/0 mark would be appropriate.  

Shore tactics: Hmn, how many sea anglers will deliberate cast towards a raft of floating sea-weed!?!