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Striped Red Mullet, Mullus surmuletus

Irish Record Fish: no record no record
Caught: no record
Boat Specimen: 1 lbs  0.45 kgs
Shore Specimen: 1 lbs  0.45 kgs
Photo Credit:  Carlos Hernandes Gonzales

Introduction: The Striped Red Mullet is a relative newcomer to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee listing.  A small Mullet, typically found over rough ground and sand, it is unlikely to exceed 2.5 lbs (1 kg) in weight, often moves in shoals, and opportunitistically will tackle just about any bait.  This fish is highly prized on the continent for its flesh but does not enter harbours or rivers like the more common Grey Mullet. It is most likely to show up during the summer and the autumn, with the coast from Wexford to Cork offering the best bet. 

Boat tactics: We have very little information on these fish, but we recommend a standard light 8 lb boat rod (or lighter) equipped with equally light line and rigs of the same order as you would use with flatfish i.e. species likely to lie on the same mud sand sand marks - catching a Striped Red Mullet would be a really big 'lifetime award' bonus! 

Shore tactics: We have never heard of anyone encountering a Red Striped Mullet from the shore here... yet!