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Boarfish, Capros aper

Irish Record Fish: not recognised
Caught: not recognised
Boat Specimen: not recognised
Shore Specimen: not recognised
Photo Credit:

  Robert Patzner

Introduction:  Another rare encounter is the Boarfish, a distant relative of the John Dory (!) and a shoaling fish of 6 inches in length (15 cms).  It is identified from the protruding mouth, and it is typically found at depth during the summer in large schools, often numbering in hundreds, over sand, rock or coral.  

Boat tactics: This is an extremely rare encounter, usually on deep sea marks and as often as not, they are foul hooked rather than taken on a bait.  They are a very small fish, usually given to feeding off coral and similar material, but they have been known to take a worm bait offered on a small hook, below 1/0.  It is a curiosity only but well worth a photograph for posterity, and the Marine Institute or BIM will be interested. 

Shore tactics: It is unlikley you will ever caught a boarfish from the shore.