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Rossbehy Strand, Co Kerry. Another massively long beach, you can drive down from the village of Glenbeigh on the N70 from Kilorglin.

What about the fishing?  

The main beach area can get quite crowded in summer with holiday makers, especially near the car park.  This is a problem as the bass often patrol the rocks under the cliffs on the extreme left hand side.  If there is a decent surf running, try walking towards the point to reduce the number of bathers, children, but you will not escape the dog walkers!  Flatfish will show almost anywhere and large Bass have been recorded here.  

A calm night in summer in a settled period of weather will bring the Thornback Rays closer in shore, an if you fish peeler crab or king ragworm baits you may be able to extract the odd Sting Ray.  They work well on the Bass too.

The point at the very far end is where several Tope have been encountered, fishing the deeper water channel right at the end.  This is a long walk on the sand and shingle, probably 45 minutes fully loaded with baits boxes and the like, so make sure you set out in sufficient time to fish it on the incoming tide, from half way up the flood... A mackerel flapper or cone on heavy mono or wire is required and the standard stamp of fish is up to 12 kilos (30 lbs), i.e. male pack tope.  It featured recently in the Irish Angler magazine, although the writer did not specify that this was the venue in the article!  On that day, the group landed three Tope to 15 kilos (37 lbs).  It is a veyr exposed mark with a long trek back so make sure you have decent weather!

For tackle shops try Landers on (066) 7126644 in Courthouse Lane in Tralee, John Halpins on William Street in Listowel on (068) 22392 or failing these, and a bit of a trip depending on where you are coming from... O'Neills on Plunkett Street in Killarney on (064) 31970.  You can spin for mackerel from various marks further west or pick them up in Cahirciveen off the boats.


Probabilities: Flounder, Plaice, Dabs, Bass

Possibilities: Thornback Rays, Tope (summer)

Rare Exceptions:  Sting Rays, Lesser Weeverfish (care needed)