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Kells Bay, Co Kerry. An glorious little spot, just short of Darby's Bridge.  Taking the N70 west from Kilorglin, and past Glenbeigh, short of Darby's Bridge, a network of small roads lead down to the beach and pier.  There is a small caravan park so the beach can be busy during the summer with families.  You have the choice of fishing west off the rocks and a secluded cove or east from another rocky promontary or finally off the pier/beach.  It is a very sheltered spot which is very useful if the wind is up.  It fishes even better at dusk or in darkness.

What about the fishing?  

Bass often patrol the rocks under the cliffs on the left (western) side.  If there is a decent surf running, you can fish off teh pier for Flatfish and Bass, especially at dusk or in darkness.  Roger Baker reckons there are massive Conger Eels available here as well, again especially after dark. Tim Hoy has reported "loads of Dogfish" and has recent reports of Bass off the rocks on both sides, suggesting that there is better and safer marks on the eastern side of the Bay.

For tackle shops try Landers on (066) 7126644 in Courthouse Lane in Tralee, John Halpins on William Street in Listowel on (068) 22392 or failing these, and a bit of a trip depending on where you are coming from... O'Neills on Plunkett Street in Killarney on (064) 31970.


Probabilities: Flounder, Conger Eels, Bass (resident); Mackerel, Wrasse, Pollack (summer)

Possibilities: ; Plaice, Dabs (summer)

Rare Exceptions:  Thornback Rays (late spring and summer, at distance)