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Gleesk Harbour, Co Kerry.   From Kenmare, head west along the N70 past Parknasilla and Sneem towards Castlecove.  Facing south, even south east, these marks offer good fishing out of any cold northern winds.  The harbour is well signposted  so you can not miss several turns that lead down to it.  A word of warning - there is a dangerously blind bend on this remarkably busy but terribly narrow road that requires careful navigation.  You can avail of limited parking at the pier itself, but that said, it is a lovely spot.  The fishing is off the rocks in front of the actual harbour itself, but in the summer a flotilla of small boats can get launched here on any given day!

What about the fishing?

When I was last there in February 2004, the water was crstal clear and remarkably deep for such a tidal harbour.  It is a lovely spot but the fishing is mostly confined to the summer.  We have no reports of winter fishing off this mark.  Close in you can expect Wrasse, Conger and Pollack, with Mackerel, Garfish and Triggerfish taken in season to either spinning or float fished baits.  There is patches of sand so Flatfish are possible and there are plenty of Bass in the area, albeit normally further west towards and past Lamb's Head.  Ray ought to be possible on calm nights.

The nearest substantial tackle shops are Landers on (066) 7126644 in Courthouse Lane in Tralee and O'Neills on Plunkett Street in Killarney on (064) 31970, both a long distance back, so make sure to stock up on everything on the way.  Digging worm bait is a problem but it can be done on the way there from Kenmare around Oysterbed Pier. Up the coast in Waterville, Tadhg O'Sullivan has a tackle shop on the main seafront.


Probabilities: Wrasse, Mackerel, Garfish (summer); Conger, Huss, Pollack, Dogfish; 

Possibilities: Triggerfish, Thornback Rays (summer); Whiting, Codling (winter)

Rare Exceptions:  Bass; Haddock (winter);