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The Bridge at Ferrycarraig, Co. Wexford A popular spot with locals and tourists alike, people typically fish off the road or alongside the Oak Tavern on the southern side of the Slaney.  The main target is Bass, with Flounder and the odd Plaice a likely catch.  Mullet can also be taken here although persuading them to feed on anything other than the algae is difficult. Tkae the main road south from Dublin and park ideally in the pub car park. Do not park alongside the main road or the police will move you on or threaten to tow you away.  This is a very busy route and for that reason not my favourite mark - fumes, but it is very sheltered and the pub does excellent (if rather pricey) pub food.  Bait is really available in the shops in Wexford Town - it's a lazy day's fishing.

Sea-trout and Shads once ran this river in famour numbers and the Slaney Salmon is sadly a declining species...  This is a definite nursery area with lots of small Bass - please observe the bye-laws and put back all fish under 40 cms. Bear in mind there is a catch limit and a closed season from 15th May to 15th June each year in Ireland.

Legering with lugworm or ragworm, ideally peeler crabs for the Bass, will account for fish.  The channel is not large and a short lob cast will put you in position to take fish on the flood. It really is as simple as that... there is quite an amount of weed close in by the walls and a drop net would be an excellent idea if you happen across a large Bass or Mullet as there is no access except at the pub's private boat moorings.  You can fish from the far (northern) bank, on either side of the river but the southern side allows for far shorter casts.  Fine line and ideally flourocarbon will help take Bass during the day, but dawn or dusk helps immensely. 

Probabilities: Mullet (Summer); Bass, Flounder (Resident)

Possibilities: Whiting (Winter)

Rare Exceptions: Codling, Whiting (Winter); Sea-Trout (Summer)