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A panoramic view across Waterford Harbour from the top of the hill above Dollar Beach, Co. Wexford

Dollar Beach, Co. Wexford Drive directly south from the Passage East ferry terminal at Arthurstown and you can dig some bait (lugworm) under the cliffs at the southern edge of the beach at Duncannon.  Drive another few kilometres further south heading towards Hook Head, and several small roads on the right will lead you down to first Booley Strand and a little bit further on, Dollar Beach.  A wide expanse of golden sand, bounded by cliffs to the south, it faces almost directly west across Waterford Harbour, and is a very useful mark if the wind is from the east!

A shallow beach, you need a decent surf to get the fish, in particular the Bass, feeding actively.  Relatively featureless, it does have some small mini-marks, like depressions from run off, tiny streams, and clearly the southern boundary is fringed with rocks and gullies that undoubtedly hold Bass for those happy to lose traces!

Codling run far up the Estuary, so it is possible that someone might find them over mixed ground during the winter, provided the dogfish do not get you first.  Dogfish have declined rapidly in recent years, apparently due to commercial fishing pressure.  The headland looks promising, with wrasse and pollack to add to the mark, and the broken ground should offer the possibility of Bull Huss and Conger Eel?

Ray would seem a logical fish to target, especially from April onwards, but none have been reported on any of the Wexford marks facing Waterford Harbour.

Probabilities: Dogfish, Bass, Flounder.

Possibilities: Plaice, Whiting and Coalfish.

Rare Exceptions: Codling, Wrasse, Pollack, Conger, Bull Huss.