Cork Sea Anglers RNLI Open

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Cork Sea Anglers RNLI Open

Postby donal domeney » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:45 pm

Cork Sea Anglers RNLI open shore.jpg
Change of date from the MPC fixture date
Boat species '15 (31) Shore species (21) Total species 40, Specimen (B) Bluemouth .92kg,(B) Spotted ray 6lb,(S) Painted ray 12.4lb
Boat species '16 (30) Shore species (17) Total species 36
Boat species '17 (32) cod, ling, coalfish, whiting, dab, poor cod, dogfish, ballan, cuckoo, grey gurnard, pollack, mackerel, huss, weaver, pouting, painted ray, spotted ray, scad, bluemouth (SPEC), red gurnard, conger, tub gurnard, tompot, goby, skipper, blue shark, goldsinny, thornback,3b rockling, scorpion, sand smelt, dragonet,
Shore species '17 (22) cod coalfish conger dab dogfish poor cod herring flounder (SPEC) whiting pollack shore rockling corkwing ballan bass scorpion huss launce sand smelt grey gurnard mackerel bass painted ray
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Don't forget the All Ireland Cod Championships on November 18th hosted by Sea Angling Ireland SAC.

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